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We believe in making it simple for you to find or become a tutor in your community.  Search for tutors matching your needs in seconds by using our fine-tune filters.


We believe that no matter where you are, we can introduce you to an amazing tutor in your neighbourhood.  Tutoring can take place online, at your own home or at a public place of your choice.


We believe every person should have access to affordable tutors. We have no contracts or hidden charges.  Only pay the tutors hourly rate and the one time $15 finder's fee when you find the right tutor.

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It can be hard to find local and affordable tutors – so we’ve found them for you. Begin your search by entering the level, subject and postal code. In a matter of seconds you can view tutor profiles which detail their location, education and qualifications. Compare tutor profiles and read reviews from students and parents.

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Choosing the right tutor is important. We're doing our best to give you that choice. Register as a student, using a social account or email, and use our secure messaging system to ask as many questions as you feel necessary to as many tutors as you like - be picky. Once you have found the right tutor, all you need to do is book that tutor.

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It is now time to finalize the booking and pay the Finder's Fee of $15 giving you instant access to your tutor's contact information. Payment of the Finder's Fee is convenient and secure through our platform using your credit card, debit card or by using your Paypal account. You are now ready to meet your new tutor and start learning.

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We want students to have a great tutoring experience - EVERYTIME - and our review system will help you decide who the right tutor is for your needs. It only takes a couple of minutes to share your experience. Our one-to-five star tutor ratings and tutor reviews can be found and viewed directly on the tutors profile.


This is such a great website and simple to use. When my daughter needed a french tutor, i didn't know where to start looking, but with a site like this within a couple of minutes I can find and message french tutors.

Orleans, Ontario PARENT

Students and parents often ask me how to go about finding a tutor. I can now direct them to this website. This makes it so much easier for students and parents to connect with local tutors in our community.

Math Teacher High School

I knew that I needed some help with programming but I didn't know where to find the right tutor. Having a website like this is very helpful because I am able to look at different tutor profiles and decide on the best one for me.

Computer Engineering, Algonquin College STUDENT

A site like this helps me reach out to so many more students and parents who are looking for a tutor. It gives me the flexibility to set my own rate as well as create my brand as a tutor.

Biomedical Science, University of Ottawa Tutor