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FAQ's For Students

How do I message a tutor?

Messages to tutors are sent directly from their tutor profile page. To the right of every tutor profile is where you can Message the Tutor. If you have not already registered, you will be redirected to register before the message can be sent. All messages sent and received can be accessed and viewed through your student dashboard.

I have received an email/text notification from a tutor. How do I message the tutor back?

Simply Login to Search A Tutor using any device and you can message the tutor through the Booking & Communication port in you student dashboard.

Where do I find my messages?

Your messages are located in your Student Dashboard. Please ensure you're logged in - then click on Booking & Communication where you will be able to read all the messages you have sent and received from tutors.

Who sees my personal contact information?

When you register as a student you will enter personal contact information. Your personal contact information can only be seen by a tutor when you have confirmed a booking with that tutor and you have paid the Finder's Fee of $15 through our platform.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are students, graduates or working professionals who have the subject-matter expertise and have a passion for helping others learn.

Can I share personal contact information when messaging Tutors?

No. According to Search A Tutor's Terms of Use, students and tutors are not permitted to exchange contact information when messaging back and forth through our platform. Search A Tutor will release contact information only when booking requests have been confirmed and students have paid the Finder's Fee through the platform. Admin monitors the messaging system; failure to abide by the Terms of Use will result in the deactivation of a student or tutor account.

How do you control the quality of tutors?

At Search A Tutor, quality tutoring is ensured by our review system. Students submit a review of their tutors and it gets posted on the tutors profile for all to view.
Great tutoring - Great reviews - Higher bookings.
This cycle repeats itself over and over again.

What if I message a tutor and I don't hear back from him or her?

Please let us know by email at info@searchatutor.ca and we will contact the tutor and ask for immediate action. However, if you need a tutor urgently, you can do another search and contact other tutors.

I just booked a tutor. Where should I meet my tutor?

This is up to you and your tutor. We recommend tutoring take place at the students home or in public places like a library or in a classroom. Parents should always accompany children during their tutoring sessions.

How does Search A Tutor do business?

To keep our listing service running, Search A Tutor charges students and parents a low flat rate Finder's Fee for every lead giving instant access to the exchange of personal contact information such as email and phone number between tutors and students.

Does Search A tutor conduct screening and background checks on tutors

Tutors in our listing service have not been screened by us. When you find a tutor that matches your tutoring needs, use our platform to message them and ask the questions important to you. It is your responsibility as a student or parent to judge the suitability of the tutor by discussing queries that you may have. whether it is related to verification of academic achievements or background/reference checks. It is up to you to screen the tutor that is right for you.

What if I need to reschedule/cancel a Tutoring Session

Tutors decide how they will deal with rescheduling/cancellations. We suggest you discuss how rescheduling or cancellations will be handled with your tutor in order to avoid any misunderstandings..

What is Search a Tutor?

Search a Tutor is a platform that connects students with local and affordable tutors for one on one tutoring in person.

Can I find tutors in my neighborhood?

You can search for tutors near you by filtering tutors based on the postal code of where you are located. Keep in mind that many tutors on Search A Tutor are willing to travel and can help you no matter where they are located.

How much do the tutoring sessions cost?

As a listing service, Search A Tutor support independent tutors. This means that tutors set their own hourly rates as posted in their tutor profiles.

What is Search A Tutors Pricing Model for students/parents?

Browsing through our tutor profiles is completely free of charge. There is no charge for messaging tutors through our site. To keep our listing service running, and to cover advertising costs, when you have found the right tutor, BOOK that tutor and pay the one time finder's fee of $10.00 for a tutor's personal contact information (emails and phone number). This Finder's Fee helps us maintain our website and advertise.

How do I book a tutor using Search A Tutor

It's simple and it's done entirely on our secure platform!!! Enter the level, subject and your postal code and look through the tutor profiles that match your search and read their reviews to find the best fit. When you are ready to message or book the right tutor you will have to Register first as a student. An email and text notification will be sent to you when the Tutor has messaged you back or has accepted your booking request. Now all you need to do is confirm the booking and pay the Finder's fee through our platform. This will give both you and your tutor instant access to contact information such as email and/or phone number so that you can then finalize arrangements for your first session. Payments for all tutoring session are paid directly to the tutor.

Where can I register or sign up as a student?

To register as a student, click on the top right corner. You can sign up using a social account such as Facebook & Google or by using email.

What do I do if I forgot my login username/password?

Simply click on "forgot username" or "forgot password" in the log in page. We will send you an email with instructions on how to reset these.

How are payments to tutors made?

Students pay Tutors directly on an agreed form of payment.

Is my payment information encrypted?

Yes, Search A Tutor encrypts all card information when it is stored. We value the trust consumers place in Search A Tutor and take numerous precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the financial information saved on Search A Tutor. This information is kept on secure servers with multiple layers of hardware and software protection.

FAQ's For Tutors

Does it cost anything for me to create a tutor profile?

It's free to register and create a tutor profile on Search A Tutor.

How can I become a tutor?

We have made the process quick and simple. First you will need to create an account by registering as a tutor using a social account or an email. Next, complete the sign up pages from which your tutor profile will be created. Finally, once your profile is reviewed and approved by our verification team it will be available for public view.

Do I need to provide qualification documents to become a tutor?

The only qualification required to become a tutor with us is a thorough knowledge of the subject(s) you are offering to tutor. Many students and parents find official academic qualifications appealing so it is always helpful to have such references available if requested. When it comes to finding the right tutor, some prefer experience, while others may favor academic achievement; some students and parents consider personality, attitude and the ability to relate as the most important characteristics in a tutor.

Do I need a criminal background check to become a tutor?

A Criminal Record Check is not required to become a tutor, however, students and parents may request such documents, so be prepared to discuss the availability of such references when messaging.

What is Search A Tutor's pricing model for tutors?

It is absolutely free for tutors to sign up and create their profile. Unlike most tutoring companies, we do not take a percentage of what the student pays you nor do we charge tutors a fee. .You choose how much you want to charge per hour and you handle all scheduling and payment methods directly with the student. You get paid directly and you keep 100%.

I've registered and completed the sign up information to create my profile but it does not appear on the site yet?

Every profile created is reviewed by our verification team prior to going live and appearing on the site. The review process generally takes 24hrs.

I have received an email/text notification that a student has sent me a message. How do I message the student back?

Simply Login to Search A Tutor using any device and you can message the student through the Booking & Communication port found on your tutor dashboard.

Who sees my personal contact information?

Your profile only displays your first name and the initial of your last name, only your general location on google map, subjects, hourly rates, comments about yourself and other non personal details. Your personal contact information are only shown to a student via their dashboard when they have confirmed a booking and paid their Finder's Fee through our platform.

Can I change my profile, availability, course knowledge and other profile items after signing up?

Yes, at any time, you can change the information found in your profile by logging in, going to your profile, and selecting the "Edit" icon.

How do I close or delete my account?

Go to your tutor dashboard by loggin into Search A Tutor. If you will not be available to tutor for a short period of time select "Hold Profile" my account" and your profile will no longer be live. If you want to completely delete your account select "Close Account".